Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my personal data remain safe with you at Unemployed Loans Today?
It will! We have utmost respect to your privacy and will ensure that your personal information is well-protected. We make use of very advanced software to prevent illegal access to your personally identifiable information. Also, we request you to review our privacy policy every time you visit our website.
How will I get the required money?
We will initiate the loan processing procedures as soon as you click on the submit button. We will quickly inform you about the various loan deals that your application has fetched for you. On getting approval from you, we will soon credit the loan amount in your bank account. The amount will be deposited in the bank of your preference. Thus, you will be able to lay your hands on the required cash in just a few hours' time.
I am bankrupt. Will I still qualify for your loans like quick cash loans and instant payday loans?
You will! We are not at all concerned about your credit status. Although your credit history is very poor and even if you are bankrupt, we consider you as an eligible customer. We are more concerned about your present repayment ability than about you past credit profile.

Eligibility Criteria

I live with my parents. Am I still eligible for you deals?
Even if you still live with your parents, you are eligible for our loan deals. Where exactly in you live and with whom is not our concern at all. As we provide unsecured deals, you do not have to pledge collateral as well.
Do I have to visit you at your office to apply for loan?
No! You can very easily apply for our online loan deals without even getting up from your chair. All that you require to apply with us is a computer with an internet connection. In just a few clicks, you can finish submitting the loan application with us.
Who all are eligible for our deals?
We offer our loan deals to any adult UK citizen above 18. Also you must hold a valid bank account.

Improve your credit rating

Can I save asking unemployed loans?

The short – term funding offered unemployed loans today get quick and easy money to cover urgent expenses which, if not solved in time, carry an increasing cost, such as:

Having an overdraft: When we were in red numbers or exceed us credit card, our bank will begin to charge commissions. The good news is that the total cost of no fee loans will be much cheaper than the interests of the bank.

A fine passing cost twice within two weeks: After 20 calendar days after receiving a fine, the cost of this, however, is more expensive if we pay the penalty before it passes the time limit, and avoid increased price unemployed loans you apply online, you can enjoy 50% discount.

And when should I avoid online loans?
Fast loans are intended to cover incidental point where urgent money is needed. They are a good way to get money fast and easy, but should not be used recurrently, since when requesting a credit risk over-borrow it runs.
  • It is not a good idea to ask a quick credit provided 100% sure to be able to return is not. You should ask if loans fast
  • You do not have enough income to meet the payment on the due date.
  • Using the cash loans on a regular basis instead of planning your finances.
  • Unemployed loans have other pending and are not sure that you can repay.
Not qualify?
If you get an unexpected arises and, for whatever reason, you cannot pay off your credit fast within, contact unemployed loans to offer you customized solutions.