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We at unemployed loans today take sufficient precautionary measures to make sure that the personal information that you provide us is never misused. We make use of various advanced safety measures to safeguard the personal details that you provide us. So read the privacy policy carefully before applying for our services.

Name, email ID, postal address, employment details and bank account details are a few information that you will need to provide at Small Cash Loans when applying for unemployed loans today. The sole purpose behind collecting all these information is to help you find the right loan deal. We will never misuse or share them with other third party without your consent.

You need not have to provide any personal details just to browse through the services of unemployed loans today. You are free to collect any information for your personal purpose. Confidentiality of your personal information is guaranteed in this website.

unemployed loans today hold complete right to make changes in the privacy policy at any time as we expand our services. Any changes made by us will be published in the website. So, keep visiting us at regular interval to stay updated of any such changes that we make.

Unemployed Loans Today collect your personal information only to fetch appropriate loan deals. We will not engage in any attempt to access your personal data illegally. Protect your personally identifiable data using advanced software.

Unemployed loans today do not use of the details for any purpose other than those that are mentioned here. We respect your privacy. We ask for just your names, location, email address, citizenship status etc. These basic personal data guide us to appropriate loan deals. We discuss the specific details of each and every customer with our lenders to find appropriate loan deals for you.

Unemployed loans today will ring you up over phone to discuss the loan details and other specifications, only if you provide the contact us. It is alright even if you are hesitant to supply the phone number, In that case, we would explain all about the matching loan deals and its specifications through email.

You may find a few third party links in the site. They follow an entirely different set of privacy statements. Unemployed loans today are not in any way responsible for their privacy practices. Their privacy guidelines will be published in their respective privacy policy page.

Unemployed loans today do not ask for any personal information from website visitors. You can anonymously browse through all our web pages. We do make use of cookies for demographic purposes. These log files cannot be used to collect personally identifiable information. You can easily disable the cookies with the help of your personal browser options, if you feel so. Applying with us does not involve any cost.

We will disclose your personal details to a legal entity, if so instructed by a court of law. Go compare with us is regarded as a note of approval from your part that you will follow our terms and conditions.

Also, we may amend our privacy practices from time to time. All these changes will be promptly published in our privacy policy page. We do not send notice to any of our customers regarding such updates. We expect that you are well aware of all these policy changes through constant monitoring of our web pages.

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